This is the Menu for Rincon Criollo located at 6504 Detroit Rd only:


Menu Information for Rincon Criollo Take 2
7403 Denison Ave:

The menu at this location is NOT the same as the menu for our primary location at 6504 Detroit Rd. Rincon Criollo Take 2 is a cafe-style establishment with no table service. The menu is a smaller-scale, a la cart offering that will change daily! While some items will be regulars, other items will be rotated or changed. Some of the items include, but aren't limited to, stuffed cornish hens, half & whole chickens, lots of root vegetables like yuca and malanga, savory stews and delicious desserts! All items are subject to availability and menu is subject to change. An EXAMPLE of a daily menu is posted in the image below, but the items are not guaranteed to be available, this is simply an example. Thank you!

Photo Feb 20, 2 14 34 PM.jpg